Imagine Closing More Sales With Less Resistance!

Imagine having your prospect or client selling themselves on what you are offering to them!

Imagine closing more sales with your specialized knowledge of how your client thinks!

Imagine being more confident than you have ever been before in a sales presentation!

Welcome to the Non-Resistance Selling Experience!

The Non-Resistance Selling Experience is YOUR ticket to MORE SALES!

How would you like for your client to actually sell themselves on your product/service by the way you talk to them? Would you like to close more sales?


You are most likely interested in this course + our community for one of three reasons:
1. You are new to selling as a coach or entrepreneur (meaning you have been doing it less than six months) and you want to learn the best way to sell effectively.
2. You have been selling in your business but some aspect of selling is or has become difficult for you.
3. You are an effective salesperson who is doing very well but you are looking for an edge…a way to do even better. You may even have a sales team in your business and you want them to gain that "edge".

No matter what your reason is, I guarantee that if you remember, practice, and employ the methods and techniques I teach you in the course, and we will optionally discuss/practice in the community, selling will not only be easier but you will close more deals.

How this Course will Help you!

What is the Non Resistance Selling Experience?

The Non Resistance Selling Experience is a Non Resistance Selling course and an optional membership program that assists coaches, entrepreneurs, and small/medium business owners go from being afraid of rejection before/after a sales presentation, being self-critical, and not closing being confident, being unafraid to explore new sales possibilities, and closing more sales!

I've Already Had Sales Training. Why Does this Matter To Me?

"Why does this matter?", you ask? I can't think of one coach, entrepreneur, or business owner I know who doesn't want to sell more and make more money. Just maybe you want to buy that new car, take a well-deserved vacation with a special someone, or gain the accolades of other business owners or your peers. Maybe...just maybe you would prefer hearing "Let's do this! " from your prospective clients more often. Maybe you want to help yourself by helping others!

How Do I Know Whether This Will Work For Me?

People love to buy, but they hate to be sold! You may have heard that before, especially if you've ever taken any sales training course. But regular sales training courses often teach the pushy and salesy methods of selling. They don't take into account the workings of the mind of your prospective customer or they touch on it superficially.

The methods and techniques I provide are proven and will benefit ANY person involved in ANY type of sales endeavor. As you are quite aware, while you may be the coach, the entrepreneur, or the SMB owner, you are also the key sales person for your business. And unless you are making sales, do you really have a business?

Looking to Jump that Barrier to More Closed Sales?

What's YOUR barrier? Is it handling objections in an effective way? Or is it finding the right language to motivate your client into saying "YES" and buying? Maybe it's just lacking the confidence that your prospect or client will purchase your product/service after presenting it to them?

Regardless of YOUR barrier, the techniques you will learn in the Non Resistance Selling course and the interactions you can have with other professionals in the membership will show you a better way to reach the internal BUY button of your client.

Three Reasons Why The Non Resistance Selling Course Community Is a Must For All Who Sell in Their Business...

More Confidence - Develop more confidence in yourself that will lead you to be your BEST when you deliver your important message to your client.

Better Rapport - Build better rapport with your client so they will listen to your presentation with an open mind because of the trust and confidence they have in you.

More Closed Sales - When you study and practice the skills and information in this course, you will ultimately close more sales and have happier clients.

Here's What You've Been Waiting To Hear...

Show Me The PRICE!

The Non Resistance Selling Course is available for sale for ONLY $169! Using any of the techniques you will learn in the course and then making a sale because of that knowledge could very well pay for your course.

During this special launch of our Non Resistance Selling course, your investment for the optional membership in the community will only be $10 PER MONTH (after a FREE 14-day trial), guaranteed to never go up...EVER!

Even after you have completed the course, the live instructional lessons and Q&A sessions in the community can help you stay on top of your game. You will be able to continually learn and practice current techniques and patterns you've learned from the course as well as new techniques and language patterns as time goes on.

ALL THIS in the community for only $.33 per day!

Transform Your Career with Proven Techniques that Break Boundaries

"People love to Buy, but Hate to be Sold!" You will learn how to have your prospective client help you by selling themselves on your product/service.

You'll learn how to ask the right questions and get effective feedback from your prospective client with our Non-Resistance Selling course and live sessions.

You'll learn techniques to handle most any objections your prospective client might offer you.

You'll learn the techniques to quickly build rapport with your prospective client and how to maintain and continue to make your bond with your client more permanent.

Your confidence and mindset are the keys to enabling your prospective client to realize and acknowledge that you are the EXPERT in your field

You'll learn the art of persuasion, but more importantly, how to persuade ethically and with good intentions, all while maintaining your credibility as a sales professional.

Take Control and Unleash Your Extraordinary Potential

Right now, you have the opportunity to make incredible breakthroughs by developing the unstoppable mindset outlined in this one-of-a-kind on demand course.

Techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Conversational Hypnosis will assist you in reaching the subconscious mind of your client and will assist you in understanding what they are thinking and feeling.

Don't settle for complacency when you are capable of so much more - claim your course registration today.

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